New menber and computer novice or less

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New menber and computer novice or less

Post by Opala on Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:24 pm

[/b] - From Central Florida and know very little about computers except on/off. I have been lucky - until today.

I had left my Acer mini on line for awhile; it went to sleep; when I moved the mouse a program came up with an emblem that looked like microsoft, but colors in opposite corners and squares looked like puzzle pieces. It (the program) said it had found problems and was running a scan and for me to click fix problems. I couldn't stop the program and couldn't delete it from the page and nothing else was on. By the time it finished I could click on start but no programs or files were showing. I couldn't go to recovery and tried safe mode with no luck. Of course, I would like to know if there is someway to get rid of that program and recovery my programs/files/data. A note did come up saying I could be "eRecovery" to fix my hard drive errors.

I've been looking for help and calling all over for about 4 hours. Finally found this site and looking forward to find out if there is hope or do I have a small anchor to play with.

Thanks a lot. 01Opala


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