Hotfix.exe I feel like I'm lucky it let me post this. Surprised not a topic

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Hotfix.exe I feel like I'm lucky it let me post this. Surprised not a topic

Post by Staples on Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:10 pm

Which is supposedly part of a fake anti-spyware, malware or virus removal program called, 'Thinkpoint or Think Point'
They are both always seemingly associated from what I did find out.

It is screwing me big time

First off, I did all the recommended additions and OTL stuff for new members. It was pretty cool to be doing stuff with such complete directions that I wasn't staring at my screen hoping I clicked the right choice.
Anyway for the record I did all that required stuff!

Oh and I have the notepad saved results from the OTL I ran a day or so ago.
Warning one of them is 23 pages long. I went to print it and said whoa, I can't afford a new cartridge for this when I have to make a donation to ( a little butt kissing never hurts)

Please let me know how you want me to handle the notepad files the OTL program left me.

System - Windows XP
It actually sometimes says XP Professional which might be an issue but has been that way for awhile
This is an issue which is a possible reason for other problems such as a ridiculously high amount of hard disc usage. I keep trying to figure out if if I have duplicates of 'My Documents'. Hopefully it will show up in OTL reports ( which I have no idea what they are) or I may repost it elsewhere.
Again, not a new issue...if it is one

Browser I use Mozilla Firefox almost exclusively. Once in awhile Chrome, but thats mostly the wife's doing! God knows what she may have done.

Here are my symptoms.

1-Extremely sluggish...and has gotten worse each day

2-Recent search revealed 6-7 copies of hotfix.exe\prefetch and 1 copy of hotfix.exe without being in prefetch but a different location (can get it if necessary)
After working at my PC for a bit went back to my search program that was still open and 2 more instances of hotfix.exe where there, even though I had thought the search was finished. It had been checked at least an hour or so earlier

3- For a couple weeks or so, my monitor would go dark. I have no idea how long I have had this hotfix issue or it multiplied till it became such a big issue, but I thought my monitor was going bad. It is a airly new one, butit will go dark and I either shut it off and back on or wait and keep moving the mouse.

4- I had installed 'Zone Alarm' and has caused me a lot of headaches. It was so much bigger and more involved than I thought I removed it with control panel. It is still hanging around in places. It seemed suspect to me even though it is a well thought of program. I have had issues with infected downloads, especially at so anything is possible

5- I had received a 'Windows Update' notice and clicked install and it wouldn't. Numerous times I tried and always didn't load, but came back with same error. I believe this is exactly what it said. "SQL server 2005 Express edition Pack 4 (KB2463332)"

6- I mentioned sluggish but in addition numerous clicks to open something. Other than waiting forever as my PC makes LOUD and LOUDER noises, some it never made before, it also takes extra clicks.
Seriously, the PC is making very strange grinds and is an issue by itself almost.

7- I just re-did the search of my PC for hotfix.exe and this is the result.
(very odd, back to only 5 issues from more the other night. I ran my anti-Virus (Avira free) so it might have done something, although I did not receive a notification C:\WINDOWS\prefetch C:\WINDOWS\prefetch C:\WINDOWS\prefetch
(cpu icon) hotfix.exe C:\WINDOWS\SQL9_KB970892_ENU

8- I had a program called Lazarus which was a Firefox add on or plug-in whatever, and it repeatedly gave me script errors with sqlite. It hapened both times I tried it and some sqlite issues seemed to persist afterwards.

I think there are more, but I hope this is enough for now.
I may be guilty of Too much info already


I just installed a new printer
I also just transferred files (my document stuff) to my memory stick to xfer to my new laptop. Which so far, this issue has not showed up on.

sincerely and look forward to a reply to this one


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Re: Hotfix.exe I feel like I'm lucky it let me post this. Surprised not a topic

Post by houndmom on Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:11 pm

Welcome! Glad to have you here. Hooray!

Post in the malware forum here
You can copy and paste the notepad report in a new topic. It is possible to break it up into multiple posts within the topic you start.(using the text box in your topic).
Hope this helps!!

One of the awesome techs will help you as soon as they can!

If we have helped you, Please consider helping us,  make a donation.

Helping fight malware.

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