how do I change setting in ""

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how do I change setting in ""

Post by xcaret on Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:10 pm

I'm copying some forms I have that are on paper,and need to be put into my pc so I can re-arrange them.. I was using note pad but since there is no margin or anything I went to and its free. My problem I cant control it .I move the rh margin and it stays put ,but the lh one keeps changing ,also the font I selected is 10 but it jumps to 12.. when I hit enter the typing doesnt always go back to the lh edge .. Many more things are not doing what Iwant ..
Is there a way to just cancell all the settings and not worry about the program trying to do things for me.. The only benefit compared to note pad is the margins..
If I cant get this figured out I'm going to draw lines on my monitor screen and have margins to use when I'm in note pad..
One more thing ,I cant scan this cause they need to be edited after being put in the pc,and I dont want to buy a scanner..


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