re: Livingston Cole - InternetExplorerUpdate.exe

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re: Livingston Cole - InternetExplorerUpdate.exe

Post by Chris Cooper on 26th March 2011, 6:06 pm


Re:InternetExplorerUpdate.exe / Livingstone Cole

Iím a UK IT tech and Iíve just clobbered this nastly little beast for someone today and am currently towards the end of cleaning up the mess it has left behind.

Firstly, rest easy, your data files are still all there Ė the infection has just changed the folder attributes of your Documents & Settings folders to Ďread onlyí and Ďhiddení Ė so that you canít see them!

The most difficult thing will be finding each folder that has been changed and then resetting the attributes. You do this by right clicking the folders and changing the properties Ė this is a task potentially fraught with difficulties so I hope others on the forum will help you with that task - Iíve not found any tool yet today that will reverse that particular action of the infection.

First rid yourself of the actual infection:

The kaspersky free virus tool has done a really good job where many other tools have failed Ė download it from here and run it in safe mode.
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Then do an mbam scan, then run your normal antivirus.

Best of luck, Iíll try to keep an eye on this post but Iím afraid Iím up to my ears in work at the mo.

Cheers Chris

Chris Cooper

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Re: re: Livingston Cole - InternetExplorerUpdate.exe

Post by Belahzur on 26th March 2011, 9:25 pm

Sorry, but we only allow qualified people to post help here.

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