Internet Explorer is attacking me!!!

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Internet Explorer is attacking me!!!

Post by soda224 on Tue 22 Feb 2011, 3:48 pm

I was using my scanner that I haven't used in ages
and all the sudden that Send Error report comes up a bunch of times over and over
and a bunch of popups from internet explorer. I don't use IE anymore.
So I decided to delete it. So I went into Add/Remove programs and deleted it and all that
and emptied my recycle bin and restarted my computer but the random popups
just keep on coming.



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Re: Internet Explorer is attacking me!!!

Post by Capt.Jack Sparrow on Wed 23 Feb 2011, 9:17 am

Hi there,

What are the random popups? What does it say ? Be a little more specific on your problem. Post us the exact error message.

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It is considered
courteous to post a reply if you have been able to resolve your
problem, or received an answer to your question.

Capt.Jack Sparrow
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