Need to remove 2nd copy of Windows Vista

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Need to remove 2nd copy of Windows Vista

Post by VOMA on Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:17 pm

I recently had an issue with "Spyware Doctor". One option was to Reinstall Vista. The 2nd copy ended up on the "RECOVERY (D: ) portion of my hard drive. After some help I was able to get my original operating system back to its original unmessed up state. Now I want to delete the other copy of Windows but am fearful that I'll delete to much. Below is what the "RECOVERY (D:) drive looks like.

dell 8/11/2008
Perflogs 1/20/2008
Program Files 11/2/2006
sources 1/29/2008
Tools 8/11/2008
Users 1/12/2011
Windows 1/12/2011
Windows.old 1/12/2011

Thanks for any help.


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