Internet Connection cuts off frequently

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Internet Connection cuts off frequently

Post by nh1402 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:51 pm

I use Windows 7 Professional, and I am having this problem ever since moving house and getting a cable broadband connection with virgin. The internet connection just cuts off every so often and takes a long time to re connect and then when it does , it sometimes cuts off straight away. There is usually about 3 Laptops running on wifi 2 with wireless n (this one and a mac) and wireless g, a fourth desktop is connected directly through Ethernet. The computer I'm using now seems to be the only one experiencing this problem. I thought it might have been the firewall after realising two were on at the same time (windows and kaspersky) but after disabling the more defensive kaspersky one, theres been no difference. Also up until recently I can't even access through the web browser (which would show router information etc routers OS?) What possibly could be causing this problem? Also whenever there is 3 laptops on wifi at once there is always one (usually always this one) which cuts out.


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