What is SPL40.tmp for?

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What is SPL40.tmp for?

Post by tlhutchings on 31st December 2010, 6:42 am

Every time I've run the defragmentation program on my computer (Windows XP Media Center Edition) it comes up saying that it could not defragment SPL40.tmp. The file is located in Documents and Settings\All Users\ folder. I would like to know if this file is important because it has like 15,000+ fragments and is 4.07gb. If it's important can it be replaced without having the computer's reinstallation discs?


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Re: What is SPL40.tmp for?

Post by Nazzgull on 4th January 2011, 12:57 am

All files with .TMP extensions are Temporary Files on your computer and it should be easy to defragment or delete. If you're unable to do that, it might be a malicious things on your computer.

Please download TFC by OldTimer from THIS link.
Save to your Desktop and double click on it to Run.
Important! Remember to close and save all your work before we start procedure.
Now click on Start button and let it finish.
After cleaning, you should be prompted to restart your computer, do it.

In future, use CCleaner to clean your computer and fix damaged or missing registry. Also, I suggest you Defraggler software for defragmentation, it's free and useful Smile

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