computer won't recognize or sync iPod

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computer won't recognize or sync iPod

Post by nicarp on 28th August 2010, 6:51 pm


I have a 4th Generation 16GB iPod Nano. On any computer but mine it works fine--iTunes recognizes the device with the name I gave it, it syncs up with no problem, etc.

On my PC, though, I have these major problems: 1) Any time I plug in my iPod I get the "iTunes has detected an iPod that appears to be corrupted" message. 2) iTunes recognizes that a device is plugged in, but it doesn't display the name that I gave the iPod--it just shows as "iPod." 3) When I select the "iPod" device, the only tab that displays in the main iTunes window is "Summary"--there are no "Music" or any other tabs. 4) In the "Summary" window, there are no tabs and it just shows properties--for "Capacity" it says "n/a." It also says my software is up to date. 5) There are no commands available anywhere telling the iPod to sync. 6) If I right-click on the device name ("iPod") in iTunes, I just get 2 options--"Open in new window" and "Eject"--there is no sync command. 7) I cannot drag and drop any music from my library onto the device.

I have tried: 1) Sending it in for repair--they said there were no problems. 2) Using a different computer--everything works fine. 3) Restoring the iPod, erasing all data--it made no difference. 4) Doing a hard reset of the iPod by pushing the "Menu" and center buttons until the Apple logo appears. 5) Using different USB ports on the computer--no difference among them. 6) Uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes--it made no difference. 7) Rebooting the computer--it didn't work.

Please, I need your help! Any ideas? Thank you.



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