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Post by Zaga on Fri 27 Aug 2010, 6:17 am

I've been having this problem so such a long time now and today, I told to myself, OK, I've had enough of this shit so I ran here to ask for some guidance in attempt to fix this problem.

BSOD mostly occurs on my laptop when I'm playing media files such as songs and/or videos by either a browser ( Mozilla Firfox / Safari ) or media player ( WMP 11 / VLC ). There are also times that BSOD occurs while playing a game ( Counter Strike 1.6 ). One thing I've noticed is 90% of the time BSOD occurs, my volume is in high level. With this thought on my mind, I've tried to re-install my audio driver which is Realtek bunch of times already but sadly, it didn't fix anything.

I'm willing enough to let someone have a look on my laptop via Team Viewer if someone wants to help to that extent. I can't get the error code since right after the blue screen appears, my laptop shuts down on its own. There isn't enough time to take note of the error code.

PS: I'm very sorry if I ever posted this in wrong section. I couldn't find a proper section for this problem. I'm not really sure that the cause of this is a virus/malware/spyware since I've already did multiple scans using different software.

Thank you very much for any help.


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