Can't boot after Spybot immunization (Security Suite removal)

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Can't boot after Spybot immunization (Security Suite removal)

Post by olegkon on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:18 pm


I've got that terrible " AV Security Suite" scareware, it blocked all browsers
and would not let me copy or run any executable. Run Norton 360 - didn't help.
I found instruction on the net to:
1) boot in Safe mode with networking
2) disable proxy in LAN Settings;
3) run Malware remover such as Spyboot
I did all that, Spybot found lots of stuff and removed it, I run its immunization.
When I rebooted PC and tried again, Security Sweet was still there,
so I tried to reboot again (planning to try other spyware removers in Safe mode),
it would not boot - I am stuck on the initial Dell screen (press F2 to Setup or F12 for Boot Menu).
Can not even boot from CD.

Please help !

My Dell 430 is out of warranty, about 1.5 yrs old.



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