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Hi everybody. Can somebody help me get unscrewed?

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Hi everybody. Can somebody help me get unscrewed?

Post by steveweaver on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:43 pm

I know when people read this they are gonna laugh and think i'm stupid. My friend told me about a free porn site. The problem started when i mistakenly went to NOT as he suggested. They stole money out of my account three times. Thankfully after jumping through hoops and cancelling my card i got my money back. I foolishly gave them my card number for "Age verification only". I never would have done this except for my friend recommending it as a totally free website. The site itself says "You will not be charged in any way." but 30 seconds after submitting my card number my bank called. Okay so enough about that.

My problem now is that my brand new computer has developed quirks and every time i start my computer a small screen briefly flashes just for a split second. It says "preparing to install." I know my computer has a add on embedded in the computer. I"m pretty sure they were in my computer because i filed 3 complaints with the BBB, the consumer protection agency, and the Internet computer fraud center, and i told them as much. A couple of minutes went by and i noticed another window was open so i opened it and saw a bunch of mumbo jumbo that i've never seen before. It was a screen full of numbers and random words. I did however spot one word that freaked me out. It said "" which is one of the companies that took money out of my account. Now i am worried that they have access to everything i am looking at and i don't like that.

I restarted my computer to factory settings but it still does the preparing to install window that it did not do before i went to that sight. I also noticed some audio problems kept popping up even though it appears to be working fine to me. Please tell me how to rid my computer of anything that isn't supposed to be there.

I am a smart guy buy not with computers. My specialty is chemistry. I don't even know where to post or where to look for answers to my problems. I am not familiar with all the terms used on this site. Can anyone help me?

Thank you for your time reading this long post.


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