DSL, Wireless Router and Xbox360

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DSL, Wireless Router and Xbox360

Post by Scorch on Thu 05 Aug 2010, 8:09 am

Hello. I have a question that I hope someone can help me with.

I have DSL service at the house. It is coming in through a Motorola 2210 modem. I have that connected to a linksys wireless router that supports several laptops. The router is a WRT54G. I also have an Xbox 360 connected to the router via an ethernet cable.

Everything had been workng fine until Monday. I had AT&T run a dry loop DSL line to the house. On Monday they cancelled my settings on my previous DSL line. I had to setup the new DSL. Not a problem. They had me reset the modem, and re-install my password, etc.

Previously I had the Modem in full bridge mode since that modem is also a router. I was using my Linksys router as the router, and the modem as a modem only. Everything worked perfectly including the Xbox.

Now the internet seems to work fine. The wireless router supports the laptops fine. And the Xbox shows that it is online. However, I cannot get into any games unless I am joining a friend's game. (Cannot join a random game) I used to have this problem, and that was when I was told to put the modem in full bridge mode. I had done this in May, and like I said, it worked great.

Now, just a couple of months later nobody at AT&T or Linksys can help me. In fact they are telling me that since the xbox is showing online, that everything is working. I know this is not the case since this is exactly how everything acted before.

Linksys patched me through to a pay service "supportrix" which had me online for over an hour, said they would call me back and did not. In fact, they insisted that everything was right and that sometimes you just cannot get on a game.

So, can someone step me through putting my modem in full bridge mode, setup my router, and hopefully have my xbox connect like it did last week?

I know, a lot to ask.


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Re: DSL, Wireless Router and Xbox360

Post by Buttons on Thu 05 Aug 2010, 2:04 pm

This isn't anything helpful, but companies tend think they know everything when it comes to products. Even if it includes other companies. If it says it's working, then to them it's working. You can't argue with them on that. For example, device manager shows my dell wireless card is working. Not the case. Windows often shows it stopped working. However, it works fine. Never had any noticeable problems other then windows telling me it's not working.

If you talk to them again, tell them they are doing a poor job. If it says it's working that's not always the case. As a customer support representative they need to listen to the customer and provide support. It's their product that's at fault, and something needs to be done. Denying the claims is an excuse not to do their job.


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