Hitachi to Seagate harddrive swap?

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Hitachi to Seagate harddrive swap?

Post by Cyril on 3rd August 2010, 9:22 pm

Hi, I'm seeing if I can swap my Hitachi harddrive in an old Dell computer to a Seagate one in my newer computer that doesn't work (graphics card problem).


Model Number IC35L090AVV207-0 (cannot find model on the Hitachi site anymore)
Capacity: 80gb
RPM: 7200rpm
P/N: 13G0223
LBA: 156.250.000 Sectors
Can provide more information if necessary (this is most of what's printed on the label on the HD)

S/N: 9QM4HT52
P/N: 9BX144-621
Firmware: HP24
DateCode: 08503
Capacity: 500gb
HPProd#: KQ495AA#ABA

Now, I would be able to do this myself, but unfortunately, the connecting ports are very different.

On the hitachi, it looks very much like this
[::::::::::'::::::::: '::: [o o o o]
(I'll get a picture shortly, once I get my camera back -.-)

The Seagate looks more like
[-------------] (varying lengths of what looks like copper strips), another 7 of those in a row, then [....]

(again, I can provide a picture once I get my camera back from my friend, so I'm sorry but ASCII is all I can do for now :s)

I was wondering how I'd be able to swap the Hitachi for the Seagate, if it's possible or not. I'll be working on it today and tomorrow because I'd really like to get this computer up and running.

Thank you for any and all imput.



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Re: Hitachi to Seagate harddrive swap?

Post by AlexK on 20th August 2010, 4:28 pm

Hi Cyril!

Your Hitachi drive is an IDE drive, while the seagate is a SATA disk.

If it's not a laptop then you can buy a converter from one to the other, but if it's a laptop then I guess you gotta get a new drive..=)



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