Random Network Connection Errors

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Random Network Connection Errors

Post by Tiggy on Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:46 pm

I have 4 computers networked together with one acting like a server where a software program is housed and pulled through the network to the other 3 computers. Recently I had a virus on one of the computers and had to re-install windows. The re-installation that I did had Service Pack 3 in it where as the other 3 computers has Service Pack 2 installed on them.

There are times where I can open the program fine on the computer with Service Pack 3 and other times where it says the network can't be found. However, all the time the computer with Service Pack 3 can not view the workgroup computers and it can not connect to the shared documents or the network drive( Z: ). I have checked the network connections on the 3 workstation computers and all of them are identical. The only difference is that the one computer has Service Pack 3 and the others have Service Pack 2. Could ths be the reason why the error is occuring and if so what solutions do I have short of upgrading all the computers to Service Pack 3?

Also I have tried to uninstall service pack 3 on the one computer but because the Windows XP install that I did had Service Pack 3 within it it does not allow me to uninstall.


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