Kernel Data Inpage Error

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Kernel Data Inpage Error

Post by mattferd on 15th July 2010, 5:54 am

After reformatting my computer, I managed to install all drivers and get all of 75 updates from microsoft. Once I finished all of the updates I rebooted my computer, Everything seemed fine until I got to a blue screen telling me something like this: 0x0000007A (0XE16554C90, 0XC00000185, 0XBF9893C7, 0X3A..).
Because the screen flashed really quickly I had to reboot several times and so I dont know if everything is correct and the last number seemed to have changed a few times when i rebooted so I assume this means I have multiple errors? I dont know if this is in the correct section, but I assumed it was a problem with a update from microsoft because I only recieved it after downloading all the updates I needed. PS: I have tried running in all modes and it will still not boot.
Hopefully you can help me! Smile


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