PC wont allow "safe removal of USB Mass Storage device

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PC wont allow "safe removal of USB Mass Storage device

Post by ncv on 9th July 2010, 7:42 pm

I have been able to remove my USB devices without problem until recently. I cant quite work out what it is that is causing the problem and i have had a few changes to settings on my pc but none that should affect the operation of the "Safe removal tool". (I dont think)

I insert the USB device and when i have finished i close the program i am working on off/Exit it. I then check task manager to see if my application is still running and it doesnt show on the Task Manager tab. Which must mean that it is closed off...(Right?). I then press on the icon on the tray (Safely remove hardware) and it says that it can not be stopped right now as a programme is still accessing it. It comes up with this exact message every time..regardless of what is on my USB flash drive ...(photos/office documents etc)

can you explain what might be causing this and help. At the moment i go to My COmputer and right click on the drive name and have to ask it to Eject this........but i am not convinced that this is the right way to do this and am worried it will affect the data on the drive.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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