Computer will not start

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Computer will not start

Post by chocolicker on Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:33 pm

So i have windows xp, the computer will not get past the windows loading bar, it continues on and on and on, left it on for 2 hrs still loading, so i decided to either repair it or reformat it with the operation disk, and the computer gets stuck on that too, in my years of using a computer i have never experienced a program where a reformat would not fix. the screen gets stuck on checking memory for both repair and reformat. i have no clue.
if u dont know what i am taking about ill give u these links i need help plz. i am going to college in a month and i have no money to buy a computer.

Dell XPS 400
2.8 Ghz dual
2G ram (3 sticks)



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