Wireless connected but not letting web browser connect

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Wireless connected but not letting web browser connect

Post by ncv on Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:37 pm

HI...me again!

I have managed to sort out the wireless connection on my home pc and now want to enable the laptop to be wireless too.

I am running Win XP Pro and on an IBM Thinkpad. I have tried under administrator and my own "user" log on to go over the settings.

I used the flash drive with the "internet connection wizard" to set it all up and it seems to have the right settings and the icon on the tray reads "good or very good" signal. Only problem is that I dont seem to be able to open up a web browser. I tried IE and Mozilla Firefox but neither of them will connect to the internet once opened on the screen.

THere is a error message at the bottom of one of the pages which refers to "dnserror" or somethign similar. Can you help and tell me why it is doing this and the way to resolve this?

I have searched the forum but couldnt see anything similar to this.

Many thanks (again).

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