Windows caanot find certificate to log on wireless network

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Windows caanot find certificate to log on wireless network

Post by Gaidano on 1st July 2010, 4:54 am

Hi there.

I haven't been having issue with this until two days ago. Was getting on my laptop and noticed the wireless internet not working. I went to my router and plugged it in and the internet worked fine then with no message given. Anywhere I went in the house on the first day, it didn't work. On the second day though (today), it worked every except for my room (which is the farthest away from the router I believe), but it had been working properly before that everywhere including my room. I have already reset the router (unplugged and waited 20 minutes before plugging back in) and have checked the common issue with it having the properties of the network by going to properties of the wireless network, clicking the authentication tab, and then checking to see if "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network" was unchecked as it should be and it was. Also, I could not check or uncheck it if I wanted to because the entire tab is greyed out.

The wireless network is running WPA-PSK/TKIP. As noted, it did not have any problem with the wireless until about two days ago. I've connected to other wireless networks at other places with no problem.


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