HDD and pen memory died after virus attack. How to recover them?

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HDD and pen memory died after virus attack. How to recover them?

Post by apibiri on 1st July 2010, 2:45 am

I had two USB devices, an USB memory stick of 2GB (Kingston) were I store work document and external USB 2.5" HHD of 160 GB (regular Toshiba HHD in external case) were I store all my pictures.
Those devices were working perfectly until one day I plug both of them into a PC of a friend of mine, that resulted afterwards to be infected by a virus. Once the virus was eliminated, that PC was working fine and its USB as well.
When I try to use those two devices in other PC's, my laptop included, they seem dead. I have tried them now in several PC's and Apples.
When I plug them the computer does not do anything: no sound, no driver shown in “My Computer”, nothing.
The only sign of “life” I get is from the External HHD drive which LED blinks few times, but perhaps that is a sign of the electronics of the case when detects a voltage.
Some forums say that the virus damaged the MBR of those device, but I cannot find a way to recover it. I have followed some helps, but have been useless.
Please help me, I do not want to loose 120GB of pictures!!!


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