Via VT8237 RAID/SATA wont read Drives

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Via VT8237 RAID/SATA wont read Drives

Post by RichWorkman007 on 17th June 2010, 5:37 pm

Hello, Here is my issue:

My PCChips M955G motherboard with VIA PM880 chipset model amd VT8237 South Bridge use to only read small SATA drives. I Downloaded and succesfully installed the MB bios update as there was supposedly a fix. After that the Via bios and utility would no longer come up or read sata drives period. So I thought I messed up the bios and ordered and installed a new one but I still have the same result. There is another bios update that regards a sata fix for installing Windows on a SATA drive. But when I tried to update with that bios I get an error allocating memory. I figure that the bios is protected. Does anyone know how I might resolve my Issue?


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Re: Via VT8237 RAID/SATA wont read Drives

Post by Nazzgull on 20th June 2010, 1:54 pm

Did you check Bios settings for Hard Disc - IDE & ATA , you should select ATA, and find somewhere to Enable RAID.

For more information check this link

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