Sims 3 Install Error - I/O driver error

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Sims 3 Install Error - I/O driver error

Post by merlin7tx on Sat 29 May 2010, 7:26 pm


I'm trying to reinstall my Sims 3 game. I had uninstalled before but never had a problem with it. Now I'm getting an I/O driver error when I try to install and if I say retry, it just pretty much freezes on one point and doesn't go any further.

The cd that I have has no scratches, so it can't be the cd. I thought it may be the new Vista update but it wasn't installing before the update. Please help!


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Re: Sims 3 Install Error - I/O driver error

Post by makxp77 on Mon 14 Jun 2010, 6:24 pm

is it a legit print of the installation media? or is it a burned CD of a cracked copy of the pirated software? if it's stolen, "your results may vary, have a nice day."

otherwise a lot of the time installation errors are caused either by bad RAM (memtest to check for RAM errors) or bad sectors on the hard disk drive (run /chkdsk /r /x to check for HDD errors).

Do you have another machine you could try to install onto? that might help determine if the problem is with the installation media (CD/DVD) or your machine.

does your PC meet the minimum system specs?


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