WINDOWS UPDATE error 80072efd

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WINDOWS UPDATE error 80072efd

Post by suzonka on Thu 27 May 2010, 4:35 pm

I have tried everything and can not update my vista basic service pack 2 ,IE 8 , I would like to solve this error problem ,I tried a restore at a different point ,No good. WINDOWS UPDATE error 80072efd ,when I try to bring up the web page site for the problem to send it to Microsoft the page wont open it says web page not connected . there must be an easier way thanks if you can or you cannot help me.


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Re: WINDOWS UPDATE error 80072efd

Post by Sariel on Thu 27 May 2010, 7:06 pm

Hi suzonka

-Microsoft the page wont open-

Here's the MS workaround.
Shouldn't this work, please frequent the GP - security - section.
Windows Update error 80072efd

If you receive Windows Update error 80072efd while checking for updates, the cause might be a high number of update requests on the Windows Update servers. Close Windows Update, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and then run Windows Update again. You can also wait for Windows Automatic Update to run at its next scheduled time.

If you continue to receive this error, it might mean that a program running on your computer is preventing Windows Update Services (SVCHOST) from accessing the Internet. Programs that might do this include firewalls, anti-spyware software, web accelerators, Internet security or antivirus programs, and proxy servers.

To correct the problem, you might need to add the Windows Update website addresses to the blocking program's exceptions or "allow" list or allow Windows Update Service to connect to the Internet through port 80 and port 443.
To add the Windows Update websites to a firewall exceptions list


Windows Firewall ships with this version of Windows and should already include these sites in the exceptions list. If you use a different firewall, refer to the software publisher's documentation to see how to add these websites to your firewall exceptions list:



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