65 Things That look like Pacman

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65 Things That look like Pacman

Post by Agent Cosmic on 2nd July 2008, 9:27 am

Put that tongue away!

The beast with two Pacs

Ugh - see a dentist right now!


You are what you eat

"Ssshhh - I'm on the fern!"


Quick! A power pill! But is that cannibalism on the left?

Pac-Men are very sociable creatures

Apparently this is a 'Lipstick Tree'. We reckon 'spiky thing' is more appropriate

A popping balloon, or a desperately hungry, blue Pac-Man?

This couple's blissfully unaware of the peril they're in

Food with a face indeed

You don't find the answer in the bottom of a glass. Only Pac-Man.

Pac-Man was hiding under the kids' pool!

Surely more than chance?

The morning after the night before.

Mind the paintwork

The yellow line painter's loss is our gain

Hmmm... maybe more like a Space Worm

A rather one-sided conversation

Nice disguise, but we can see you

Grumpy old (Pac)man

Teething aid

Stone-age Pac-Man

It's even got eyes. Reminds us of Oogie Boogie too


Once you see it, the picture's never the same again

No! Not the Arndale Centre!

Pac-Man went to law school cos he wanted to be a bannister. (Sorry)

Cyber-Pac Systems model 101

As if no-one would notice

It's to do with the watering system, apparently

This shot's got a yellow one and everything!

Surely a tribute

The designer's joke, maybe?

Deliberate, sure, but utterly brilliant

The one on the right looks hungover

It's not a chance trick of the light - it's design

Little and large Mecha Pac-Man

Hung out to dry

A takeaway carton with an obvious homage



More like the newer Pac-Man

Waka waka waka waka...

He made the mistake of looking away

Clue - look at the top-left. Evil blue Pac-Man strikes again

After his '80s heyday, Pac-Man's now a bum, going through bins for food

Want to live in a real ghost house?

Or the 'Pac-Man-ymnasium' as we prefer to call it

There are loads like this around, so we're only showing one. This one

Nice work, fellas

Om nom nom...

Yeah, so it's just a red nose, but still good

And finally... Cat-Man

Source: http://static.gamesradar.com/

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Re: 65 Things That look like Pacman

Post by jojozzzzz on 2nd July 2008, 9:35 am

nice post. Cheesy Grin (sparkly


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Re: 65 Things That look like Pacman

Post by TeReX on 2nd July 2008, 1:51 pm

Nice post agent.


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