Laptop Wireless works for Skype but not IE or FF

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Laptop Wireless works for Skype but not IE or FF

Post by shopbruce on Sat May 08, 2010 3:42 pm

Using XP-Pro w/SP3 on a Gateway T1616 laptop - fresh install. Direct connection via cable DSL works fine. Wireless connection using usb adaptor shows proper connection at 50mb but both IE and FF attempt to load page with no error but display blank screen with the word "done" at the bottom of the screen. Skype connection works fine. I have tried many things found on various forum's with no success. Had no problems with this computer in the past. I have read SP3 could be the problem but want to ask before clearing the whole thing and starting over again - not a problem as at this time there nothing on the computer to save or worry about. Appreciate any ideas - thanks - shopbruce


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