What's Your Hobby

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What's Your Hobby

Post by Agent Cosmic on Thu 26 Jun 2008, 8:19 pm

A new lady teacher, came to teach 8th standard students. As it was the
first day, she gave her intro, and asked all the students to introduce
themselves with -name, and hobby. She said " Let's start with the boys
first. Boys start giving their introduction... First boy : " My name is
john, and my hobby is to see bubble in the bath tub. "

Teacher was confused to listen and said "interesting - well, ok. In fact we must be honest in telling the hobby. And after all there is essentially a child in each of us. So its ok john. Yes next-" Second boy : " myself peter and my hobby is to see bubble in the bath tub"
Teacher now got surprised and said " good.. I like the spirit of
supporting a friend . ok next - " Third boy : I m smith and my hobby is to see bubble in the bath tub "
Teacher : " guys are u joking or what ? please be sincere. Ok next - "
This continues, and the last boy stands up : I m Henry, and my hobby is to see bubble in the bath tub "
Exhausted, the teacher said, "I don't think I will be able to teach u
ungrown boys for long. Any way, now the girls please - " First girl : I m July and my hobby is to see birds "
Teacher : "good. At last I got something different. Ok next-" Second :I'm ruby and I like to collect perfumes "
Teacher : " now its like educated grown up girls . ok next - u sweet
girl-yes u - "third
Most beautiful girl of the class .........."Mam my name is Bubble, and my hobby is to take bath three times a day " !!!

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Re: What's Your Hobby

Post by dhruvbaid on Thu 26 Jun 2008, 9:14 pm

lol. Nice one.



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