Wireless Router making my wired connection slower

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Wireless Router making my wired connection slower

Post by Flipmo on Sun May 02, 2010 5:26 am

Having a problem with my networking I'm hoping someone can help me with please. So when I have my desktop connected directly to my cable modem my internet works fine. When I add a D-LINK N 150 router, my internet seems to slow down and google/bing/yahoo (Almost all major search engines) takes forever to load. Also if playing a game online, I'll have short disconnects for a few seconds intermittently if going wired through wireless router (My ping normally is at ~53 then all of a sudden it spikes to ~954). My xfire also disconnects and reconnects repeatedly. Although, my download speed seem to have not changed.

Anyone know why that might be and how I can fix this? Or is my wireless router just messed up? Any help will be much appreciated.

Just to remind you that I am on the "wired" connection and the router is right next to the computer. The laptop, which is connected wirelessly, seems to have no problem accessing google, bing, etc..

I just found out that Google Chrome values "Google, bing, Yahoo" as potential threat/malware websites.

I have scanned my computer with Nod32 and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware, and it seems I do not have any viruses on my computer.

I have checked my router settings and it is currently set to Dynamic IP.
I have also changed the cables. I do not know why this is only happening to the desktop and not the laptop

I've tried reporting this problem to other wireless-related help forums but to no avail

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