Hello and thanks for hosting us

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Hello and thanks for hosting us

Post by maggie b on 10th April 2010, 1:15 pm

I'm here because I'm currently living in the 7th level of computer hell. Now you know why they named it Windows 7. Why is this better?

A little bird on Twitter told me (Milton (GeekPolice) that there is a product coming soon that might allow me to continue to use my old programs half of which have been in the garbage since I was forced out of my old computer as I filled it up. I thought about a new hard drive but SATAs and IDEs defeated me when trying to decide if I was beating a dead horse due to speed.........I know enough to be dangerous. But never enough to be a geek. I downloaded Microsoft's Virtual XP but still a portion of the programs are being difficult to transport.

It took me half a day to figure out how to attach a photo to my work which would have taken 20 minutes or less on the old XP computer. My boss has turn around times that if they are not met, I'm fired. I finished at 10:30 pm last night by the grace of God alone.

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