Vista black screen

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Vista black screen

Post by aivlis on 20th March 2010, 5:21 am

I came home one day to find my laptop with a black screen. I could hear the fan & hard drive running and all the lights came on, so I knew it wasn't dead. At startup, it would run through all the screens ("TOSHIBA", Windows Vista, etc) but after the startup screens, it would just stay a blank (black) screen. I tried powercycling, removing the battery...nothing. The computer let me go into safe mode, so I did a system restore. It seems right before this happened, Windows had updated. Now, my screen is no longer black, but my laptop is runnin slower than usual. Plus, I'm also scared to update Windows again for fear it might happen again. What do you think happened, and how can i stop it from being so slow? Thanks in advance.


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