So what is the best way to keep my computer "clean"?

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So what is the best way to keep my computer "clean"?

Post by ltlfroggie on Sun 14 Mar 2010, 2:18 am

My husband is asking how I can best keep his computer "clean" there daily/weekly/monthly maintenance I should be doing? Any help would be great!


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Re: So what is the best way to keep my computer "clean"?

Post by Gabethebabe on Sun 14 Mar 2010, 6:03 am

To keep your computer clean:

1) Download and install a good antivirus. You cannot go wrong with either of the following three:
- Panda Cloud Antivirus. The lightest of the three options. If you like your resources or have an older computer, this might be your preferred option.
- Avira. Highest detection rates in the industry. 100 million users canīt be wrong. You can disable its annoying autopropaganda nag screens.
- Avast! is a very complete antivirus, available in more languages than any of the other AVīs.

2) Download and install a software firewall. The Windows firewall is weak and a third party firewall will protect you from unauthorized data traffic.
- Comodo Firewall. Arguably the best. Install without the antivirus and without the Hopsurf toolbar.
- Online armor. The free version is as good as the paid version.
- PC Tools firewall. Rocksolid firewall from a well-known company.

3) Download and install CCleaner. Install without Yahoo! Toolbar. Run it every now and then (by rightclicking your trashcan). It keeps your computer clean of unnecessary temporary files.

Note that you should run only ONE antivirus and ONE firewall. Multiple of either is bad.


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