checking in

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checking in

Post by Tony B on Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:37 am

Hello from the great state of Texas. Hope I can get some answers here. I have a dell dimensions b110,which has been limping but functgional until today. I'm really not in dire straits as I just bought the pretty one in my group a new sony laptop(allowing me to post here). As for the dell I'm not where sure to start. This thing won't even start up in safe mode ? I'm gonna try and post pics of the messages I'm getting as this thing streams thur restarts. This site is simular to a truck site I belong to as far as format so mabe I can get the images transfered soon . In the mean time I'll use the search feature as not to ask redundent questions. I'll sit down and try to script out my next post as to the seires of events that led upto where I'm currently at.

Thanks in advance
Tony B

edit:pics of messages Im getting

Tony B

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