CPU Cooling Fan of Laptop defective??

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CPU Cooling Fan of Laptop defective??

Post by GMK on 26th February 2010, 2:53 am

Toshiba Satellite 3005-S303 (part number PS300U-03ENNHD) laptop computer. Pentium 3; 512MB RAM; IE; 40GB partition on Windows XP; 20GB partition on Windows Millenium Edition.

During the start up, a beep tone indicating "something wrong with the cooling fan" sounds and a brief message saying the same shows; then the computer shuts down by itself.

Opened the laptop --first time ever in 9 years-- and was surprised not to find any dust inside the laptop. Removed the heatsink & heatpipe assembly and removed the fan from the assembly.

Fan measures 1.75" diameter (43mm); turns freely; there are 3 contacts (black, yellow, red; I assume they are negative ground, control, positive); there are 3 attachment points to screw it to the heatsink and they are not evenly devided along the circumference of the fan (more like one on top and the two others at 140 degrees to the left and right); sticker on the fan reads:
DC 5V 0.2A

1. I wanted to test the fan with a regulated 5V DC current (to make sure that it is the fan that is defective) but could not find probes tiny enough to enter the jack, so I do not know for sure that the fan is not working and not some other component. What controls the fan? What could be wrong with my machine that prevents the fan to operate? Any ideas?

2. I have been looking all over the internet for a replacement fan and cannot find it. Would anybody know where I could find one?

3. Would anybody know where I could find a parts catalog for this computer, so I better can identify precisely what part I am looking for? I found hundreds, if not thousands of fans for Toshiba computers, but none of them look like mine.

4. Would re-assembling the laptop, but without the (possibly defective) fan prevent the computer from immediatly shutting down? I would use one of these large external fans and direct as much as possible cool air to the air intake; this would provide more airflow than the heatsink has ever gotten. I understand that I would have to clean both the CPU and the heatsink and apply a fresh coat of thermal paste before re-assembly.

I will appreciate any help I could get.


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Re: CPU Cooling Fan of Laptop defective??

Post by Dr Jay on 26th February 2010, 2:59 pm

Download Speedfan
(The download link is in the first line of the second paragraph), and
install it. Once it's installed, run the program and post here the
information it shows. The information I want you to post is the stuff
that is circled in the example picture I have attached.

Dr Jay
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