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Post by cbrownswain on 18th February 2010, 3:13 am

Apparently my e-mail was hacked and inappropriate e-mails sent to my contact list (including clients). Is there a way to remedy this??????


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Post by Dr Jay on 26th February 2010, 2:29 pm

Please download the latest version of Kaspersky GetSystemInfo (GSI) from Kaspersky.fr and save it to your Desktop.
  • Please close all other applications running on your system.
  • Please double click GetSystemInfo.exe to open it.
  • Click the Settings button.
  • Set it to Maximum
  • IMPORTANT! Then please click Customize - choose Driver / Ports tab and
  • Uncheck Scan Ports.
  • Click Create Report to run it.
  • It will create a zip folder called GetSystemInfo_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.zip on your Desktop. Please upload the folder to Kaspersky GSI Parser and click the Submit button.

Please copy and paste the url of the GSI Parser report (not the log) in your next reply.

Dr Jay
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