Internet Connection Problem ..

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Internet Connection Problem ..

Post by symondneil on Fri 05 Feb 2010, 5:40 pm

Can anyone help me ? My internet connection works fine during the day, but at around 8 o'clock at night I lose the connection and cannot get one again until the next day. It brings an errror 651 on the screen. I have been on to my ISP who have tried a few things then they told my to call Hewlett Packard as it was a problem with the computer. They just messed the connection up so I couldn't get on at all and told me to phone my ISP again. I do not know much about computer connections so its difficult for me in the first place. To make matters worse both call centres are outside the EU so I can't understand what they are saying a lot of the time (no disrespect) and its costing me a fortune in phone calls! any suggestions. The last call I made to my ISP they told me to call back when the problem occurs but as I said its usually around 8pm and thats when the call centre closes!



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