I can't install Windows Live Messenger 2009 on Windows Vista

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I can't install Windows Live Messenger 2009 on Windows Vista

Post by Tambuz on Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:40 am

Hi, after searching for a long time, I've seen some good answers in this site, so maybe u can help me.
I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium, and until like 1 month ago, i was using Windows Live Messenger 8.5 without any problems, until I couldn't start session unless i downloaded the latest version of the WLM (2009) . The problem is that when I open the installer file , and I get to select which programs of the Windows Live package I want to install (I only select the messenger), the installation always freezes at 94% , i leave it for minutes but it just sticks at that %, and when I want to cancel the installation, the window hangs up, so I can't even close it properly.

What disturbes me the most, is that I've seen tons of topics related to my problem, but they always mention a very specific error, like "error 43534sdfxsd" , instead, I don't get an error message, as I said, the installation just stops at 94%.

I tried to delete the program using the Control Panel, and there was a Windows Live Essentials program of about 72 MB, I selected delete but the program is still there, but now it says only 4,76 MB.

Then I tried to install the WML 2009 again, but as before, it got frozen at 94% , so now I don't have any version of WML installed in my computer.

Any ideas?


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