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Post by boonky_aj on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:59 pm

i dont know if i posted this in its place or not...
I'm dying to get rid of this called virus....
i downloaded hijack this ... but i dont know how it really works.
i get this message like every 10secs :
windows security alert... windows reports that computer is infected. antivirus software helps to protect your computer againts viruses and other security threats. click here for the scan bluh bluh bluh
i'm not familiar with the message i just wrote and i guess its the spyware tallking

i get another alert which says the threat is named bankerFox.A and also Nuqel.e??? something like this
i cant run anything at all... plzzz someone help me out here
i dont even have a backup

its pretty messed up i cant even save the thingies on hijack and save it or copy it here



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