outgoing email

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outgoing email

Post by Angelyne on Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:36 pm

[b] I wasn't really sure where to post this, so I hope this is ok. I have this problem that I need advice about.
I have an aol email account that i've been using for many years now. Recently 'ive noticed that I will get back returned mail that I did not send out. It will usually say something like " mail can not be delivered", for whatever reason, or something like that. But it will show that its from me. Sometimes it will be sent to email recipients in my mailbox, and sometimes to others that I do not know. This last week, i've noticed that an email was sent to a family member looking as though it was from me, which it was not, but, this one was a very inappropriate email. That mail was not sent back, but rather read. If I check my sent folder status, it will show if it was read or not. Along with other emails that were sent back undelivered.
This happened a few months back and I remember being able to notify aol that it was spam. But, I noticed this time that there is not that option any longer. I am not a paid customer of AOL since they've began allowing users to use aol freely, and since I use satellite as my main isp, so I dont think id be able to actually get in touch with them .I know I can just stop using that particular user name acct. but, Ive used it for so long that I would rather not if possible. Does anyone know what might be happening or what I should do. I was thinking that maybe it was a virus, but this is a new pc, and it was happening on my old pc also. I will really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Than you guys.


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