Logon errors amongst others

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Logon errors amongst others

Post by Dawn Burke on 6th January 2010, 4:14 pm

We have a 3 year old Dell desktop computer and have been having various problems with our computer due to viruses. We took our computer to a company to fix it up when we got the BLUE SCREEN Of death. However, since the return of our computer we've had nothing but problems, the latest being that we now are prompted to display a windows xp user name and password. We have never set up our computer to prompt us for this logon name and password, and it only came up after PANDA antivirus found a series of viruses (including some hitchhiker, malware, and trojans on the system.). After Panda prompted us to reboot, it then sent us to this logon screen we can't get past. We've also received fin_list.corrupt message indicating the physical dump of the physical memory on our system, as well as spontaneous booting out of windows altogether when on the internet. We also have received a savedump message when opening windows that would come up several times. We have also not received a roxwatch12.exe application error. So we seemed to be plauged by problems, the first of which includes getting into our computer and beyond the 1st logon screen. Any advice?

Dawn Burke

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