Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card doesn't open

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Solved Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card doesn't open

Post by asakural on 30th May 2008, 7:05 pm

When I place the SD card into the card reader and place it in the USB port, the removable disk (E:) icon shows up but whenever I click on it to open the folder, I get: Please insert a disk into drive E.

I tried reformatting the card but I got "Can't format; disk invalid" or something to that degree.

Someone suggest that the card probably has a virus but I can't even use a antivirus software to scan the card since the computer can't even read the card to begin with. What can I do to make this card readable again?

Oh, and I'm using Windows XP.


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Solved Re: Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card doesn't open

Post by Doctor Inferno on 31st May 2008, 12:26 pm

I believe it is the cause of Malware. I would like you to read this topic:

And post your log file here.

I would also like you to try doing this:

My Computer >> Right-click drive E >> open

See if it works and backup all your data.

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