Keep Computer in Tip-top shape.

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Keep Computer in Tip-top shape.

Post by tishanavin on Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:33 pm

Some know this, others do not. To keep your computer at top condition- keep it cleaned out. Remove your internet browser files, run a disc cleanup daily, and clear out cookies often. This helps greatly with keeping computer working at optimized clarity, but also- pesky viruses and malware like to attach themselves to these files. Whenever adding or removing programs, run a disc defragment to keep it working smoothly. For newbies to a computer, these are greatfully helpful. Many people consult me because they think they have a virus because its just running slow- and doing these steps, increases their speed by over half. Another thing- if your computer is running slow at start up only, you are loading too many programs at once. Clear TSRS (terminal stay resident files) by going to Start> Run. Type in MSCONFIG and then when the box pops up, click the Start up tab. Uncheck EVERYTHING but your antivirus/spyware/malware. These are the only things that should be started to keep you safe. You really do not need everything loading at once- since it can overload your computer and cause errors to happen.
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