computer restart

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computer restart

Post by tracey0916 on 6th December 2009, 10:45 pm

I just built my first computer and loaded Windows 7 it has random shutdowns about one every two or three days. I got the BC Codes but have no clue what they mean. Here they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Blue Screen
BC Code 7f
BCP1 0000000D
BCP2 00000000
BCP3 00000000
BCP4 00000000
It also said check these files
This might as well be in a forgien language to me so any information would be more than greatly appreciated Thanks


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Re: computer restart

Post by Doctor Inferno on 7th December 2009, 11:14 am


It's due to some incompatible hardware for Windows 7. Probably the RAM.

It could also be the overheating of the hardware, either the RAM or CPU.

You can try some testing software like memtest86 to test the memory you have for compatibility. Run this program and it will create a bootable floppy. Boot from this disk and let it complete at least 1 pass (7 sub-tests) of the test.

Also make sure you have a FRESH install of your OS on your current motherboard and that the drive was partitioned and formatted on this motherboard.

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