dvd burner working wierd !!!

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dvd burner working wierd !!!

Post by 3dsoundz on Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:22 pm

First of all thanks to this site n all that r running it n helpin people around the clock. I already tried to do search for my problem but didnt find anything so makin a new postMy problem is that i have NEC dvd burner which is almost 4-5 years old n now since last few monts it is acting wierd, it use to burn dvd's perfactly nice than as my hard drive started to get full it started to rurn dvds slow (takes 30 mins to burn 1 instead of 3-5 mins) so i emptied out HDD to external n yesterday it let me burn almost 7-8 dvds n now 2day it is again taking 30 mins with HDD alsmot empty so please help with solution


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