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another victim of Antivirus System Pro and Bankerfox.a & Win32/nuqel.e

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another victim of Antivirus System Pro and Bankerfox.a & Win32/nuqel.e

Post by bmckinley on Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:22 am

Hello -
today we started getting lots of popups. I ran the regular PCTools Spyware Doctor - and for good measure, updated Windows, and ran the other utils i had on my computer (reg mechanic, spybot S&D, Ad-aware AVG)

almost immediately after that, I got started getting messages that various exes and dlls were no longer working. At the same time, a new looking Virus Protection window started appearing.
Did some research and realized it was the above malware.
D/L'd Malwarebyte's Anti-malware and ran it. It found/killed 3 things.

But it's still not completely gone. and I can't get rid of the 'Windows Security Alert' that links the to fake protection software.

When I click on any program - or even try to go into Control Panel, it flashes quickly and then disappears.
For this reason, I also can't update the malware. (got an error code 732 (0,0) )
In fact, right now, the only way I can run MBAM is in safe mode with the ethernet cable disconnected. it just found and killed one more thing.
the most disconcerting part is all the porn pages that keep popping up while i'm trying to resolve this.
I'm writing this from a different computer. The infected one runs Win XP.
any help will be appreciated!


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