Slow Computer? Read This.

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Important Slow Computer? Read This.

Post by Doctor Inferno on 27th November 2009, 9:51 am

We often get members telling us that their computers are running slowly, most of the time it may not be related to malware/viruses/spyware.

One of the most common problems is because of too many program attempting to launch at startup. They also end up running in the background eating away your CPU process. We can help you to choose what startup items to remove if we have your HijackThis log. We can also give you some tips to speed up your computer.

Follow the instructions below on how to post a HijackThis log. And be sure to post it in this forum (Operating Systems).

Notepad will be used to view logs, and copy/paste the results. By default Word Wrap is disabled. However, since Word Wrap interferes with the formatting of the logs, please be sure it's disabled. When notepad is open, click Format on menu bar, and ensure Word Wrap is NOT checked as shown in the picture:

1. Open HijackThis & click the button Do a system scan and save a logfile.

2. HijackThis will quickly scan your system, and then open one new Window. The results of the HijackThis scan in Notepad. Save the hijackthis log. By default it will be saved to the same location where HijackThis is downloaded.

The Hijackthis log contains the info that's required to receive analysis and assistance. Highlight the entire contents of the log. Copy and paste the contents into your post, along with a complete description of your problem(s).

DO NOT fix anything! Wait for help.

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