URGENT HELP NEEDED! GETTING ATTACKED! Virut? Not experienced at stuff like this!

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URGENT HELP NEEDED! GETTING ATTACKED! Virut? Not experienced at stuff like this!

Post by jk12324 on Sat 07 Nov 2009, 6:51 am

All right, it just started like half an hour ago. My laptop was on its screensaver and I was doing something else but then it suddenly beeped and so I checked what it was. Command prompt was opened and it was doing something, think I read it was installing something. It finished before I could really read what was happening and it closed with another beep. I then noticed 3 shortcuts to porn sites on my desktop so I deleted them but then AVG alerted me to viruses it found but it wouldn't let me heal them. Firefox then started closing and opening itself and the list of viruses is constantly getting larger so I'm guessing it's spreading through my programs.

According to AVG it found:
Win32/Virut (loads of them)
Trojan horse SHeur2.BQBO

I have absoƖute no idea what these are even after googling them. Firefox still keeps popping up every so often (I close it as fast as I can) and when I open firefox itself it tries to go on some site which McAfee has flagged as harmful and notified me so I could close it. Firefox also closes itself after a minute or less of being opened.

I have no idea what the hell is going on so can anybody help me??? I'm not experienced at computer codes etc. Could it be a hacker?

Oh and also a message appeared telling me to scan my computer with a malicious software removal tool, thinking it was the windows one I clicked yes. It them started to download something rather like a real program installer so I kept closing it but it kept popping back up. When it reached the end it just disappeared and nothing else came up. So I'm guessing that was part of the attack as well

P.S. Will shutting down my laptop temporarily stop everything? More files and programs are being infected by the minute :'(

OMG!! A notification just popped up from Windows saying some system files have been replaced by unrecognisable files and it may cause system instability. It's telling me to put in the XP SP3 CD for it to install the files back but I don't have it with me! I closed my laptop after that, dunno if it'll stop it but at least I can't see all the scary stuff that's happening. I need help quick!! ANYONE?????

P.P.S. System restore doesn't work anymore and also cannot boot windows in safe mode.

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Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED! GETTING ATTACKED! Virut? Not experienced at stuff like this!

Post by Origin on Sun 08 Nov 2009, 6:50 am

I'm afraid you have been infected with the malicious Virut Virus:

I'm afraid I have bad news.

Your system is infected with a polymorphic file infector called Virut. Virut is capable of infecting all the machine's executable files (.exe) and screensaver files (.scr). However, the problem is that the virus has a number of bugs in its code, and as a result, it may misinfect a proportion of executable files and therefore, the files are corrupted beyond repair. As of now, security experts suggest that a format and clean install, or destructive recovery if you have an OEM recovery partition, is the best way to clean the infection and it is the best and safest way to return the machine to its normal working state.

Backup all your documents and important items (personal data, work documents, etc) only. DO NOT backup any executable files (softwares) and screensavers (*.scr). It attempts to infect any accessed .exe or .scr files by appending itself to the executable.

Also, avoid backing up compressed files (zip/cab/rar) files that have .exe or .scr files inside them. Virut can penetrate and infect .exe files inside compressed files too.

Recent variants also modify htm, html, asp and php files.

Do not back up to another machine, as it may become compromised. Burn to DVD/CD, or to an external drive which has nothing else on it, and which you can format should it happen to become infected from the backups.

For more information, please see Here

Instructions how to format and reinstall Windows can be found Here

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