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cable modem-dlink router-to xbox sudden issues with connecting, any ideas?

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cable modem-dlink router-to xbox sudden issues with connecting, any ideas?

Post by sensiiii on Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:05 pm

Let me think hrm, well it all started when I thought my old modem was dying, so I bought a new cable modem. Then I found out it was a loose wire on the old modem and I remedied that. Then I decided why not hook up the new modem, I could use a little upgrade. So i hooked up the new modem and got .33 up and .33 down when doing a speedtest. So I unhooked the new(refurbished poo) modem and hooked the old one back up and registered it with my cable company again(it's an automatic online registration, one click, i did it with both modems). After I hooked up the old modem the two xboxes in my house lost connectivity with my d-link router. Like no green lights flashing or anything, the xbox doesn't see the router and router does not see the xboxes but still sees my computers. I'm not sure what happened. Everything worked fine with the setup I have for 2 or 3 years. Now ever since I tried to hook up that new modem it just quit. I have to direct connect my xbox to the modem now, the other xbox won't even direct connect anymore. I've tried changing every setting, port forwarding, dns relay, gaming mode, dmz zone, hooking up the xboxes through my comps, static ip, network magic, ect. Default settings don't work either like they had for 2 or 3 years. I called my cable company and told them that something happened when I re-registered my modem and it affected my xboxes and router. They said call the router company and xbox. Those people can't help me and it costs like 30bucks to talk to d-link. unreal. I assume if I called my cable company and bi0tch@d some more then they would figure it out the question is, what do I bit@h about? what do they need to fix, what the hell happened anyways!?!.

sorry this is so long. very confusing for me....THank u for help


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