Modem working but cannot connect?

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Modem working but cannot connect?

Post by NickLip on 24th October 2009, 11:05 am


My connection set-up:
- I have one main computer (Windows 7, Acer) connected to my modem and wireless router.
- One laptop and PS3 connecting to the wireless router for internet access.

The problem is, that my main computer cannot access the internet (I can't update programs or browse), but every system using the wireless router for internet access can.
On the main computer neither IE or Firefox can connect so I don't think it's a browser problem.

- First of all I thought that I may have changed one of the crucial windows services by mistake, when I was playing around with them as I usually do. However, this was not the case. Even when I changed them back, the problem still remained.

- Next I thought it may be the Ethernet cable connecting the modem and the main computer (with the problem). Perhaps it was old or faulty? That wasn't the problem either.

- I've tried using Windows' Troubleshooter too and it said that it can't find a problem.

- I've done a winsock/ip reset - still no luck

- I'm currently doing a full scan on Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware which will be followed by an anti-virus scan (AVG) to see if there's a virus or something causing the problem. (I did a quick scan in malwarebytes which found nothing)

I made a few other small changes that may have caused the problem originally, but I can't think what. :/

Can anybody else think of some factors that may be causing this problem?

Any and all help is much appreciated.


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Re: Modem working but cannot connect?

Post by Computer[s] on 8th November 2009, 8:51 pm

Try looking at might be disabled if not, go to properties and check if any protocals are unchecked or your missing one..... maybe you should try and repair the connections......if nȯne these work than I have no idea, but that maybe your computer's enthernet port is broken (it can happen)...

- Comps.

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