Um, Newbie here! Information about AntiVirusPro

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Um, Newbie here! Information about AntiVirusPro

Post by mattiebaby32 on Sat 24 Oct 2009, 3:43 pm

[/b] Hello, I am so happy with the service you provide. Its amazing because I have had a problem for over 8 months! I have been searching online and been relocated to other sites that i didnt ask to go to. I was always being put through a site called "" and it did get me to some useful sites to look at but they were all in another language! I just realized tonight that the program called "AntiVirusPro" was a scam and not knowing your reputation; found it hard to trust your service for helping people with computer problems! But, to my amazement I put faith first and somehow you managed to explain everything to a complete novice on computers about registries, malware and everything else.
The AntiVirusPro was making popups all over my computer and making my life a misery because everytime it popped up, it put a message box just in front of whatever I was doing at the time. I installed Malwarebytes' and it worked first time! I am spell-bound! Astonished! (Dare I say it again) Amazed!
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou so very much for your intuitive information.
Yours thankfully,
Matt Legg



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