Windows Boot Issue

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Windows Boot Issue

Post by Mxracer on Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:38 am

On my wifes computer there is a boot issue... Her system was infected with that anoying antivirus pro, it disabled symantec, system restore, and task manager and kept hyjacking my browser, well i went into registery and got my task manager working again and i went into system config to disable programs from startup and I very stupidly also changed the start up selection. Now when I start the pc it only goes to the windows loading screen then the screen flashes and it restarts itself. I tried to repair it with my windows disk and i also tried to start it from last know working config but nothing has worked. I have a lot of family pictures and videos from the time my son was born and i would really hate to reformat and lose all of that stuff. I have def learned my lesson to leave the fixing up to the pros and back up my data. If there is any help I would GREATLY aprichiate it. Im lost and Im hoping someone can help me.. thank again, jOn*


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